Intuitive Matchmaking Helping you find love, enjoy love, and keep love! 2015-11-20T14:02:06Z WordPress brooke <![CDATA[New Year’s Resolutions for Dating]]> 2015-01-14T22:31:56Z 2015-01-14T22:03:20Z This is the time of year that one questions what they will change in the year that lies before them. For those who are single and looking for a relationship, many New Year’s Resolution focus on finding a partner.

Here are some suggested resolutions to put in place:

  • I will not pretend to be something I am not – Eventually this secret always comes out.

  • I will be picky about who I spend my time with- This is your love life, please be a little choosey!

  • I will not only rely on written communication – Please have a telephone conversation with the person you are dating. You will be amazed at what you can discover over the phone.

  • I will be open to trying something new – Date someone taller than you, shorter than you, from a different background, or just someone outside of your “type”. I’ve heard your taste in food changes every 7 years, I would be willing to bet your taste in who you date does too!

  • I will learn to be happy without a partner – This is huge. If you are not currently happy while you are single, a relationship will never make you happy. Learn how to be happy alone, and then love will be easier to identify!

Small changes can yield big results! If you aren’t getting the results you desire, come see me. I will help you find your path to love!

If you are not happy...

brooke <![CDATA[Single Men – if you do one thing, let it be this! (Okay, maybe three things…)]]> 2015-01-14T21:30:19Z 2014-06-05T20:00:24Z Hello single men of the world!

couple bedroom

I am happy that this blog has made it into your sweet little hands and you are ready for advice. Maybe you aren’t ready for advice. Maybe you don’t know you need advice. But chances are, if you are single and dating (and most likely living in Portland), then you need to read this.

I have received a lot of feedback from my matchmaking clients and non-clients alike about the general temperament of men in the world of dating lately. Now please don’t take this as a general “You are doing it wrong” blog. I feel for you guys. It is HARD to date a modern woman. You have no idea what the rules are. You don’t know what we want. Sometimes we do make it very confusing. So here’s the deal. I am going to share with you a few things that won’t go wrong. Ever. Promise.

There are three things that will never steer you wrong when setting up and executing a first date. These are your Golden Rules. Read them, learn them, and live by them. Repeat after me:


#1 I will CALL the lovely lady I want to go out with on the telephone to plan our date. That’s right. A call. Not a text message. Not an email. Not an instant message, Facebook message, telegram, carrier pigeon, or a facsimile. An actual hear-your-voice phone call. I know that is unheard of these days. But seriously. If you won’t take 5 minutes to make a call, she isn’t going think she ranks terribly high on your list of priorities.

#2 When I CALL the lovely lady I want to go out with, I will have a plan. Please do not ask her what she would like to do. Or if she has any ideas. And for all that is holy, don’t say “You choose!” Please, please, please have a plan. Even if she rejects your idea, at least you brought something to the table. Passivity is not attractive to most women. The majority of my matchmaking clients are looking for a man who take some initiative. A man who says, “I heard that this new (fill in the blank) just opened and has amazing (something or other), let’s check it out” is smoking hot in most gal’s eyes.

#3 If our first date goes well, and I want a second date, I will call her the next day. Yep, you read that right. You are still making phone calls. In my years of matchmaking, I have never once had a female client complain that her date called her the next day. This is not a game. There is not a 3 Day Rule. If you like her, you better call her the next day and ask her out again. Be proactive and persistent (but not in a creepy, stalker-ish, call her 60 times in one day way.) If she wants to see you again, she will answer your call or call you back within a few days. I promise. (9 times out of 10 within 24 hours barring natural disasters and a designer shoe sale.)

So there you have it. Brooke Carsner’s 3 Essential First Date Rules for Men. It isn’t that hard. And women will love it. If you have questions, or are still unsure of how to make this work for you – call me! 503-619-7559 is my office number. I am happy to help!




brooke <![CDATA[What to expect during your matchmaking consultation]]> 2014-05-27T18:34:20Z 2014-05-27T18:07:07Z One of the hardest steps to take in life, and in love, is to admit that you need help. One of the things I hear most often after a consultation is, “Wow, that was a lot more enjoyable than I thought it would be!” This made me realize that it would be helpful for people to know what a consultation is like.  



Before your consultation, you will receive an email confirming your appointment, as well as a Client Discovery Form to fill in and bring with you. It is not necessary to have the form completed, I just want you to have an idea about what we will be discussing when we meet. Knowing in advance what we will be talking about gives you time to think about these topics, maybe ask a friend, and helps put you at ease.


Once you come in, you will sit with me (Brooke, your matchmaker) in my comfortable office, with a fresh glass of water, and we will begin to talk. I strive to make you feel warm and comfortable, as I want you to enjoy the experience with my agency.

Some of the topics we will discuss include your interests, hobbies, and lifestyle. We will talk about your relationship history and your relationship goals. I will ask all about what you think you want in a partner. Honesty is the name of the game! The more information you share, the better it works out for you!

Once I learn all about you, what you are looking for, and what you need in a matchmaking service, I will make recommendations of ways that Intuitive Matchmaking can help. Each person is unique, therefore there is not a one-size-fits-all program for everyone. Customizing a matchmaking membership that fits each client is how we are able to create the love stories that we do!

You can get started with your Consultations by clicking here for a 30 Minute Consultation, or here for a 90 Minute Consultation that includes a Dating Action Plan.


I can’t wait to meet you and help you find love, enjoy love, and keep love!



brooke <![CDATA[Welcome to a New World of Possibilities]]> 2014-05-27T16:34:25Z 2014-05-06T15:10:23Z PurpleHeartFrame I am so happy that you have discovered our agency, and the new options that may be available to help you find love. I know that in today’s technology filled world, it seems like the only way to meet new people is digitally. I want you to know that there are more rewarding options. Using a professional matchmaking agency to help you find the love of your life is a great way to put the personal touch back in your personal relationships. This isn’t business after all, you shouldn’t be emailing a potential date! Talk on the phone and meet in person. Get to know one another face to face. That is where the chemistry happens, isn’t it? I am so excited to share my advice with you, and give you insight into dating and relating! Check back regularly for blogs filled with advice, updates, and events! xoxo, Brooke]]> 0